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INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: It is the responsibility of the customer to verify that their order will be cleared by Customs. Please check with the Customs officials in your country regarding the specific item you are ordering, if there are quantity, weight or size/girth limits. The customer is responsible for paying any taxes and duties on the shipment so we recommend checking on this prior to your order as well. Additional shipping charges would need to be collected if we need to split the order due to weight or quantity limits. Please contact us for help with properly classifying products for Customs. Once it has been determined that Customs will clear your order we can estimate shipping costs for you.

MAINLAND US SHIPPING: We generally use USPS Priority Mail for small packages such as the Health Optimization Kit. Electronics are shipped via UPS Ground.

ALASKA & HAWAII: Please use the rush charge shipping option.

RUSH CHARGES: Rush charges do not cover faster processing. We reserve the right to take the necessary time to do proper testing and inspections prior to shipment. However, we will use the fastest shipping method that would be covered by $150. Rates will vary depending on the weight, your location and dimensions of the box. Overnight shipping is not available in all areas.

PROCESSING TIME: In stock, non-special order items generally ship in 1-3 business days. Please be aware that all orders require you to sign a Commissioning Agreement (CA). Failure to return this document to us will affect processing time. You will receive a link to the document in your order confirmation email. Please print, fill out by hand, scan and email it back by replying to the confirmation email.

CONDITION OF PRODUCT: Technologies offered through My Research Store are "Pre-Market" products. There are several things to understand about products prior to purchasing from this site:

1. All products offered through this site are classified as "research phase" in their development continuum. It is therefore important to understand that research phase products undergo rigorous testing with each and every unit sent. During this bench top testing units may be scratched, or look otherwise affected cosmetically. This could also include fingerprints, etc. On average, test units sold through this site undergo 30 hours of bench top testing for each unit to ensure that the unit is capable of longevity in the field.
2. Products sold through this site are not equipped with fully developed manuals, instructions, etc.
3. Product packaging and branding that you would normally see with a production product are not part of the research phase products. You will not see products shrink wrapped, etc. as is the normal fashion
4. Products may use temporary housing or enclosures at the discretion of the company.
5. Products may require servicing more than production products.

Some of the advantages of using pre-market products are the following:
1. Warranty is 3 years rather than 1 year.
2. First Year warranty also covers shipping costs. Please read our full warranty disclosure here.
3. Cost of the units are often reduced up to 70%.
4. Gaining access to products sometimes several years before they are available to the general public.