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Program Overview

Affiliate marketing through My Research Store is a rewarding experience in eCommerce designed to make groundbreaking products available to your clients and fellow wellness network.

Marketing Made Simple

You don't need to be a web guru to take advantage of our tools. Simply cut-and-paste your affiliate link to www.myresearchstore.com as outlined in your affiliate area.


TIER 1 Commission (what you get paid for enrolling a coach directly)=20% (unlimited)
TIER 2 Commission (what you get if your direct recruit enrolls someone)= 10% (unlimited)

1. Health Optimization Program = TIER 1 Commission of $339.00 and TIER 2 Commission of $169.50
2. Gen Pulse Oscillator = TIER 1 Commission of $799.00 and TIER 2 Commission of $399.50
3. Delta Member Retreat = TIER 1 Commission of $800.00 and TIER 2 Commission of $0
4. Coaching Support Package
= TIER 1 Commission of $3000.00 and TIER 2 Commission of $0

Note: Commission structures may be adjusted on certain items, where a tier 2 commission is not available.

Payout Requirements:
Although anyone referred by another affiliate can become an affiliate immediately by completing the process outlined on this page, in order receive payouts on commissions an affiliate is required to purchase the "Health Optimization Program" through the unique URL provided to you by your up line affiliate.

Quick Start Process:

You must have a link to sign up. This link can be provided through the person that invited you. It would look something like this:
http://www.myresearchstore.com/?Click=1052. The “1052” is the affiliate ID belonging to this example affiliate.

Place the link into your browser an click ENTER. This takes you to the website.

At the bottom of the page, you will see the “Become an Affiliate” link. Click On The Link!

Next, you will be directed to the New Customers Page. You must become a "customer" before you can become an "Affiliate"

Next, enter the following information:

Next, enter shipping info.

This is where it gets a little confusing. At this point you are approved with “customer” status. However, to become an affiliate, you will need to complete the affiliate application. This is done while you are still logged in from the above page. You will now need to click on the “Become Affiliate Link” for a second time.

Now you are back at the Affiliate Program Page. Click Continue Again!

You are now taken to the affiliate application page as shown below. If you don’t feel comfortable completing the tax ID #, you can put in a random number. At some point prior to commission payout, you will be required to complete tax forms, based on jurisdictional requirements.

At this point in the process, you are in Pending Mode. Usually affiliate applications are processed several times a day. So, check back often by clicking on the “My Account” link as shown below:

Once your account is activated, you will see the “Affiliate Statistics” section appear at the bottom of your account page, as shown below:

Final Step

Click on the “Visit My Affiliate Page” link. This will take you to your affiliate page, as shown below. Copy and paste your link and invite others to go through the same process.

Please note that this system is an "interim system". It is not meant to be our final solution. You will notice that in order to generate reports about who is on your team and who purchased products from you, you will need to request that from admin@myresearchstore.com

When making such request, please be advised that we will only generate one report per month at this point, unless the affiliate is recruiting significant numbers then we will generate reports as needed. Again, this is a temporary measure. We look forward to our jump to Delta Coaching Academy in the near future.